Development mode¶

You can start the server in dev-mode to speed up the development process. When using this mode, you only need to deploy your code once - or when certain situations arise (see below).

Start server using dev-mode:

$ $XP_INSTALL/bin/ dev

First time you will need to deploy the code (app, lib, etc.) using the deploy task (see Installing an application):

$ ./gradlew deploy

After that, you do not need to redeploy your application except…

  • when modifying Java code.
  • when deleting a page, part or layout component.
  • when deleting a content-type, mixin or relationship-type.
  • when changing source directories.
  • if you have source-transformation tools (typescript, less, sass).


Do not use dev-mode in production environments. It takes a little more time to render pages and caches are sometimes disabled.