Roles grant certain permissions to the users that have them. New roles can be created by administrators. The built-in roles are listed and described below.


Users with the Administrator role have full access to all content and admin tools through the user interface.

Administration Console Login

Users with this role can log in to the administration console. These users will also require a role for each of the admin tools that the users need access to.

Content Manager App

This role allows users to access the Content Studio. Users can see content and sites, but cannot save changes or publish content.

Content Manager Expert

This role allows access to advanced features in the Content Studio admin tool, including seeing and editing the source code of HTML area fields in content and text components on pages.

Content Manager Administrator

This role allows full access to the Content Studio admin tool, including saving edits and publishing content.

Users App

This role allows view-only access to the Users admin tool.

Users Administrator

This role allows full access to the Users admin tool, including create/edit/delete for userstores, users, roles, and groups.


Users automatically have this role when they are logged into the system in any way.


This is a special role that all users and site visitors have. This role is typically used to grant read permissions to publicly available content. Unauthenticated visitors, as well as authenticated users will all have this role.