Upon successful login, user is redirected to the Home page. The collapsible Launcher Panel will automatically expand from the right-hand side.

The icons on the Dashboard can be used for the following:

  • XP Tour starts interactive welcome guide through the main sections of the Enonic XP
  • About opens dialog with current version of XP and a few helpful links
  • Docs opens latest Enonic documentation
  • Discuss opens Enonic forum where you can send questions to Enonic team
  • Market opens Enonic market where you can download apps, widgets etc. for the Enonic XP

Future releases will include more functionality for the Home Tool.


Launcher panel

The Launcher panel lists the installed admin tools in alphabetical order. These will open in a new tab when selected, but a long left-click will open the selected tool in the same tab. The bottom of the Launcher Panel shows current user and the logout button.


Admin tools are user-definable. Read more about how to create your own Admin Tools.