The XP 7.0 documentation and lots of other updated articles, guides and templates are available in our Developer Portal.

Enonic XP 6.15 documentationΒΆ

Enonic XP is a unique and powerful application development stack - in a single runtime.

Seriously fast, and scalable from a single server to large clusters - Enonic XP radically simplifies the application infrastructure required to deliver high performance mission critical applications and sites.

Build powerful applications with a single dependency

  • NoSQL storage - Distributed content repository built on top of Elasticsearch
  • App Engine - Supports serverside Javascript and Java through the PurpleJS framework
  • Powerful embedded Web Content Management - seamlessly blend applications and websites
  • Runs on the powerful Java Virtual Machine - can be deployed on just about any infrastructure.

To get started - check out Getting Started or move on to the Tutorials. The more savvy will probably enjoy our API and Reference Guide.

Enjoy! - The Enonic Development Team


The source code for this documentation is available on GitHub .