Upgrade notes - 6.9


This documentation describes upgrading from 6.8.x to 6.9.


Enonic XP 6.9 now requires minimum Java 1.8.92

Upgrade Steps

1. Backup the installation

Backup you current installation. This is described in Backup and Restore.

You could also do a dump of the system, but then you will lose versions if you have to reload it.

2. Install new version

Download Enonic XP http://repo.enonic.com/public/com/enonic/xp/distro/6.9.4/distro-6.9.4.zip and install according to your setup.


Remember to update any startup scripts you might have to launch your new installation given a server restart

3. Configure XP_HOME

The next step depends on your setup. Do you have your $XP_HOME folder outside or inside the $XP_INSTALL folder?

Outside the $XP_INSTALL - folder:

Make sure the new installation points to the correct $XP_HOME folder.

Inside the $XP_INSTALL - folder:

Copy your $OLD_XP_INSTALL/home folder to the the new $NEW_XP_INSTALL/ (on all nodes).

4. Stop the old installation

5. Start the new installation

Strict Virtual Hosting

If the virtual hosting is enabled (see Virtual Host Configuration), a request on a resource not included by any virtual host mapping will return a 404.

If you are using the Toolbox CLI, you will want to make sure that the path “/api” is included.

mapping.api.host = localhost
mapping.api.source = /api
mapping.api.target = /api

Content Manager Expert

A new role “cms.expert”, allowing access to advanced features in Content Studio, has been created. This role needs to be created manually for existing installations using the tool Users. (See Roles for more information).

Lazy session creation

Starting from 6.9.2, sessions are now lazy created. You should not expect the cookie ‘JSESSIONID’ to be set if not necessary.