Enonic Cloud

Enonic Cloud is a one-stop-shop hosted version of Enonic XP, available on demand.

Request Free Cloud Trial

We’re offering a time limited free trial - running your very own cloud instance of Enonic XP. All you need to do is:


Enonic also offers paid cloud instances, ranging from “Developer Cloud” to “Platium Cloud”. Check out our offerings

Log In

After requesting a Trial, you should recieve an informative e-mail about your installation.

  • Click the link in your e-mail to reach the administrative interface, it should be in the following form: http://<my-email-com>.tryme.enonic.io

Log in with username su and password password.

After logging in you should see the following screen, with the launcher panel to the right:


Add Sample Apps

If this is the first time you launch XP - the welcome tour will automatically launch. If it does not start, simply click the tour icon at top left of the home screen.

  • Click through each step of the welcome tour
  • On the last step, click the Install button
  • Once the applications are installed, click finish

Open Content Studio

The sample applications automatically create demo sites you can try out.

  • Select “Content Studio” from the launcher menu
  • Once loaded, you will find the sites in the tree grid
  • Select or expand the sites you are interested in for a preview
  • Right click or choose actions from the menu to get going

Wireframe Prototyping Application

Watch this video to see how you can make interactive prototypes with Enonic XP and learn about Content Studio:

Wireframe Prototyping Demo Video

Superhero Blog Application

Watch this video to learn how you can use Enonic XP as a blogging platform, and learn more about Content Studio:

Superhero Application Demo Video

Visit Enonic Market

Find more on Enonic Market

If you want to try other applications, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Applications tool from the launcher panel to the right
  • Click Install from the menu (top left)
  • Browse to find the applications you are looking for and click Install

You may also visit Enonic market directly on https://market.enonic.com

Next Steps

Congratulations on getting started :-)

If you’re ready for some more fun, we recommend looking into the following: