Create CitiesΒΆ

Now let’s make use of the new city content type and part component. First we need to add the “City list” part to the “Country” page template.

  1. Edit the “Country” page template.
  2. Open the Inspect Panel by clicking the cog button cogicon in the toolbar.
  3. Under the Insert tab, click and drag a Part to the page region below the “country” part. (This may be a bit tricky because the “country” part is small.)
  4. Select the “City list” part from the dropdown in the box. You may need to close the Inspection Panel to see it.
  5. Save and close the tab.

Now we need to create a few City contents below the countries. (Sample data is available in the table below.)

  1. From the content pane, select a country content that you created earlier. It is important that each city content is created under the country.
  2. Right-click the country content and select “New”. The “Create content” dialogue will open.
  3. Now select “City” from the list of content types.
  4. Fill in the city name and location; the population is optional. The location format must be comma separated latitude and longitude with decimals.
  5. Save draft.
  6. Create several more city contents below each country content by repeating the previous steps. Sample data is provided in the table below.
Country City Lat,Long Population
USA San Francisco 37.7833,-122.4167 837,442
Las Vegas 36.1215,-115.1739 603,488
Washington D.C. 38.9047,-77.0164 658,893
Norway Oslo 59.9100,10.7500 618,683
Bergen 60.3894,5.3300 265,857
Trondheim 63.4297,10.3933 178,021
Colombia Bogota 4.5981,-74.0758 7,000,000
Medellin 6.2308,-75.5906 2,440,000
Barranquilla 10.9639,-74.7964 1,885,500

Each country page will now have a list of the cities you created with a Google map of the location. It should look something like this: