Release Notes

Enonic XP 6.15 is a release with exciting new features, improvements and fixes.

Improved workflow in Content Studio

Issues are now fully integrated in the publishing process of Content Studio.

  • Create issues directly from browse view and/or publishing wizard
  • Assign and collaborate on issues until they are resolved
  • Easily see and access your issues
  • Easily spot and access issues for an item from preview panel
  • Directly open and edit content items from an issue

See the full Publishing Issues documentation.


New Html Editor

As of 6.15 Content Studio uses CKEditor as the default editor, deprecating TinyMCE from service. The switch improves both stability for editors, and new features, here are a few:

  • Drag’n dropping images directly into the editor.
  • Drag images around inside text
  • Double click to edit images
  • Double click to edit links
  • Field expands on select (for faster scrolling through forms)

The editor is fully backward compatible, and more new features will be introduced in upcoming releases.


See the full Html Area input type documentation.

Updates to steps in Content Editor

The standard steps “Settings” and “Access” have been replaced by icons to save space. Additionally, Xtra data has been re-implemented, and now allows the editor manually enable or disable entire X-data steps.

Editors can now enable, and disable X-data as needed (using the new x-data feature requires a minor change to existing applications). See the full X-data documentation.


Media Selector input type

A brand new input type for selecting and uploading any kind of file is now available. The Media Selector combines features from both Content Selector and the Image selector to provide a flexible way of uploading and selecting files:


Improved duplicate dialogue

Duplicating content in Content Studio now support selecting to duplicate only a single item, or an entire tree-structure.


Fully replicated sessions


Session replication is an experimental feature.

Web sessions (i.e. logins) can now be fully replicated. This means that users will never loose their session if a server is shut down or fails while running an XP cluster. As of 6.15 sticky-session load balancer configuration is optional.

Other improvements

  • Content type filters for selector inputs now support regular expressions
  • Admin extensions are now listed in application details panel
  • New Cluster library is available
  • x-data now support content type filtering
  • Editors may now sort content based on created and publish date
  • Link to edit fragments from Inspection panel
  • New keyboard shortcuts to publish and preview content
  • Support uploading files in Html editor’s insert link dialog.
  • several other improvements and 90+ bugfixes.


There are important upgrade steps to follow when upgrading to 6.15.

Upgrade notes - 6.15 for more details.


For a complete list of changes and bugfixes see