Upgrade notes - 6.14


This documentation describes upgrading from 6.13.x to 6.14.

Notable changes

No major backward-compatibility issues in this version, just one small API deprecation for Page Contributions:

Page Contributions now require array input

All pageContributions are now returned as arrays in response object sent to filter. Previously it could be a single value or an array, so if code expected a single value, it will now fail.

Upgrade Steps

1. Backup the installation

Backup you current installation. This is described in Backup and Restore.

You could also do a dump of the system, but then you will lose versions if you have to reload it.

2. Install new version

Download Enonic XP http://repo.enonic.com/public/com/enonic/xp/distro/6.14.3/distro-6.14.3.zip and install according to your setup.


Remember to update any startup scripts you might have to launch your new installation given a server restart

3. Configure XP_HOME

The next step depends on your setup. Do you have your $XP_HOME folder outside or inside the $XP_INSTALL folder?

Outside the $XP_INSTALL - folder:

Make sure the new installation points to the correct $XP_HOME folder.

Inside the $XP_INSTALL - folder:

Copy your $OLD_XP_INSTALL/home folder to the the new $NEW_XP_INSTALL/ (on all nodes).

4. Stop the old installation

5. Start the new installation