Release Notes

Enonic XP 6.13 is a release with exciting new features, improvements and fixes.

Improved UI for ItemSets

ItemSet interface has had a makeover to make it easier and faster to use

  • Toggle to edit/close a single item by clicking it
  • Get instant info on itemSet content from the header
  • More consistent icon for drag handle
  • Expect further improvements in upcoming releases :)

Warning for inbound references

User is warned when attempting to delete content in Content Studio:

  • Lists number of inbound references per item
  • Link to quickly access items referencing content

Better indexing of content

Previously, only the content type fields and standard content fields were indexed and searchable. Now the following fields are also indexed automatically:

  • X-data inputs (Steps and fields dynamically added to content)
  • Page configuration inputs (editable from context menu)
  • Part and layout configuration inputs (editable from context menu)

API improvements

  • Auth lib now supports create and modify role
  • Auth lib supports specifying session timeout for logins
  • Web server thread pool details now available in status API
  • Memory pool details for JVM added to status API
  • Events are now sent for task API
  • Task thread names can now be set manually
  • New “all” keyword available to process all http methods in javascript controllers
  • Import, Export and Dump now have progress information available
  • ChildOrder setting now configurable in lib-content

Other improvements

  • Page Editor now automatically scrolls to last position after saving
  • UI improvements for publishing issues
  • Progress bars are now displayed for time consuming move and duplicate actions in Content Studio
  • New default icon for custom content types
  • “tablet layout mode” with preview panel placed at the bottom of the screen has been dropped
  • Content Studio Security step renamed to Access
  • Easily clear selections in Content Studio by clicking on blank areas
    • 14 minor improvements and 70 bugfixes


There are important upgrade steps to follow when upgrading to 6.13.

  • Stricter default cluster settings
  • Fixes to `event-lib`_ may break compatibiliy
  • Indexing of pages, components and x-data

Upgrade notes - 6.13 for more details.


For a complete list of changes and bugfixes see