Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the latest release?

The latest official release is 6.1. More information is available on the latest release changelog.

Where can I get the source code?

All source code for Enonic XP is published on our GitHub project page.

Do you publish changelogs?

Yes. You can go to the releases tab on GitHub to read the changelog for all versions. If you want to see what’s coming, you can go to our GitHub wiki page.

What is $XP_INSTALL?

$XP_INSTALL and $XP_HOME are referenced frequently in the documentation and it is important to understand the difference. $XP_INSTALL is the top level directory of the XP installation and it contains the directories bin, home, lib, toolbox and others.

What is $XP_HOME?

$XP_HOME, by default, is the location of the $XP_INSTALL/home folder which contains the config, deploy, repo and other directories specific to a single XP instance. The home folder can be copied to multiple locations for developers working on more than one project.

There are two situations where the $XP_HOME environment variable must be set:

  1. When developers are working on an application and intend to use ./gradlew deploy.
  2. When a home folder other than $XP_INSTALL/home is to be used.

Where can I get help?

The community forum would be a good place to start. We also offer formal training courses.