Release Notes

Enonic XP 6.1 is a minor release, with several new feature and fixes - there are no breaking changes

Content Detail panel UI

Access contextual content metadata and advanced options directly from the content browse view. In upcoming versions, this panel will include more information and capabilities.

Detail panel can be seen to the right

Improved UI Responsiveness

The Content Manager browse view has been enhanced for mobile, i.e. for showing preview and detail panel instantly when clicked - similar to reading mail on iOS. Also, the content editor panel has improved support for mobile devices.

Browse view, Preview and Detail view

Improved Site config UI

Site application configurations are now edited from a modal dialogue. This simplifies the main site form and also makes it easier to configure applications installed on sites.


Insert from context menu

When using the page editor, users can now insert new components directly from context menus. New components will be placed below the selected component. If a region is selected, the component will be placed on top of the region.


Improved Component Panel

The component panel now supports all operations - insert, reorder (drag’n drop), delete, reset etc. - simplifying editing of complex pages.


Improved Image editor

The image editor has been improved to make use of the entire viewport


New API capabilities

The Serverside Javascript controllers and API have been improved as follows:


Mail server can now be added as a system setting - this can be utilized from the new Javascript library. Enables sending mail directly from Javascript controllers. Read more about lib-mail


Enables logging-in users and getting users and roles through Enonic XP’s native identity system. Read more about lib-auth

Post text bodies to JS Controllers

Javascript controllers now support text-based body elements in post requests. This enables posting JSON strings in the body - a popular way to pass complex objects to the server. Read more about Request

Set cookies in JS controller response

Developers can now set cookies directly from the JS controller. Read more about Cookies

New Project Init Tool

The project initialization tool has been rewritten and now supports ripping any valid Enonic XP application project directly from any Git installation, and GitHub specifically. This is also accompanied with a new starter app: starter-base, available on GitHub

Read more about init-project

Faster and safer Node Persistance

The node persistence layer has been completely rewritten in order to improve both speed and robustness. Single node write operations are now only limited by disk-write speed.

Minor improvements

  • Refactored portal to use standard servlets
  • Style component placeholders with errors in Live Edit
  • Import of an existing node should update the node permissions
  • Enable refreshing of grid in case of event-problems
  • Publish button should be enabled without saving
  • Make require(..) function in javascript look for index.js in a folder
  • Toolbar Overflow menu - Improved design consistency
  • Remove/fix annoying splash screen from content browse
  • Support for Javascript Date-type in views
  • Set UTF-8 as default file encoding at startup
  • Implement Thymeleaf fragment support
  • Admin UI - Improve loading of background image
  • Wizard - Improve handling of “name” field for mobile clients
  • Deprecate Gradle watch task in favor of new continuous mode
  • Use HttpMethod enum in PortalRequest.getMethod
  • Use MediaType object in PortalResponse
  • Use HttpStatus enum in PortalResponse
  • Content Manager BrowsePanel - Use same ratio for panel widths as in WizardPanel
  • Serverside Image caching - ByteSource & Lazy loading
  • Replace jmustache in admin/portal with simple replacer


  • Image Selector - When doing DND two blue bubbles appear
  • Cropping is not reset when replacing image in Image Editor
  • Children not ordered properly after sorting
  • Publishing Wizard ResolveSyncWork fails on nodes not in source repo
  • Date format does not work for aggregations in lib-content
  • ContentTreeGrid - Spinner shown when selecting content
  • Launcher fails for certain JDK versions
  • Adding layout if name is changed crashes the layout selector
  • Possible to create two nodes with same path with different case
  • Preview without saving draft not working
  • Security - Permissions not propagating correctly to child items
  • Grid not refreshed when content deleted
  • Image editor - Autofocus does not work properly after canvas resize
  • Other files listed as Parts and Page Templates in App Manager
  • Live-edit frame occupies full screen when browser window is maximized
  • NullPointerException retrieving principals right after deleting a user
  • Can’t publish changed sorting of menu items
  • Page Editor - Inserting new components does not put inspect panel in focus
  • Content Browse - When in mobile browse view, the main column is broken
  • Bad notification message when content saved with a name that is already in use
  • Inline mixin in site.xml does not work
  • Some math operations using lib-content throws an exception
  • Behavior of validation for content in the Wizard and Grid are different
  • Component View not displayed if a descriptor is missing or has an error
  • Bad validation for content with type geopoint
  • Content grid triggers request for deleted items
  • Language combobox - search does not work when full string is typed
  • Grid in browse-panel not refreshed when content deleted
  • Live Edit - Clicking directly on large components, page leaving context menu outside viewport
  • Spinner is shown infinitely when existing content under a site is opened
  • Image Editor - Fix canvas resizing control
  • Site Wizard - Preview-button on toolbar should be disabled when site has no templates