Release Notes

Enonic XP 6.0 marks a significant milestone - positioning Enonic XP as a Cloud Application Platform, offering unique benefits over any comparable solution.

Modules are now Application

What we previously called modules are now called applications. An application can be just about anything - from a full fledged Corporate website with self-service to a Google Analytics Integration that can be wired into the previous mentioned site.

To convert an existing module to an application, some changes are needed; please consult the Upgrading to 6.0.0 chapter

Powerful tools for developers

  • New tool: init-app will create a new application project structure for you
  • The XML descriptors for parts and pages are now optional - more intuitive and simpler to use.
  • libraries are now be bundled inside an application, offering both javascript and java in each library.

Publishing wizard

A publish wizard that will guide you in the process of publishing content and dependencies between branches has been introduced.


Page Templates are now optional

Users may now easily configure pages for any content, by simply selecting the controller directly - so no need to define page templates for everything - example use case: rss-feeds, landing pages, customized presentation for similar content (i.e. folders).

Image crop and focus point edit

It is now possible to crop an image in the Content Manager application. It is also possible to set a focus point to be retained when cropping images.


JavaScript API changes

The Script commands used to access extra functions in the controllers have been replaced by libraries. See Javascript Libraries documentation for reference.

Admin search UI improved

The search in the content app has been greatly improved. Especially with regards to partial matching, fulltext matching and scoring.