This script restore a named snapshot.

-?, --help

Displays a detailed help message.

-u <user:password>

The user / password combination for export resource. Requires role ADMIN_LOGIN_ID.

-s <snapshot-name>

The snapshot to restore. This name could be acquired from either the result of the snapshot-command, or the output of the listSnapshot-command.

-r <repo-id>

The repository to snapshot.

-h <hostname>

The hostname of the Enonic XP instance. Defaults to localhost.

-p <port>

The http port of the Enonic XP instance. Defaults to 8080.


Apply pretty print of the snapshot output result. This requires that Python is installed on your system.


$ ./ -u su:password -r cms-repo \
  -s cms-repo2015-02-14t14:24:20.618z -n