This section describes how to install Enonic XP. If you have any trouble, please look at our Troubleshooting section.


Enonic XP is a self-contained Java Application with minimal requirements for infrastructure or other platform services.

General requirements are:

  • Any OS supporting Java
  • Java 1.8 (update 40 or above)
  • Local filesystem
  • At least 1Gb of available memory

For clustered deployments:

  • Shared filesystem (for storing configuration and blobs)
  • Open for network communication between the nodes


First off, download the correct Enonic XP version and unzip it to a preferred directory.

Terminal users can do this:

$ curl -O
$ unzip
$ cd enonic-xp-5.2.0

The top level of the unzipped directory will be referred to as $XP_INSTALL from now on.

Start the server

Now that the software has been downloaded, you’re ready to start the server - start the respective file from command line.

Linux and OS X:

$ $XP_INSTALL/bin/


$ $XP_INSTALL\bin\server.bat

This will start Enonic XP, which when successfully started will show something like the following at the end of the log:

12:53:14.302 INFO  c.e.x.l.framework.FrameworkService - Started Enonic XP in 7378 ms

Log in

Point your favorite (modern) browser to http://localhost:8080. Log in with username su and password password.

Congratulations on installing Enonic XP.