Properties represent a placement of data in a node - following the simple key = value pattern. A property has a path. Elements in the path are separated by . (dot). Every property has also a type. See the complete list of Value Types.


For a property to be able to hold other properties, it has to be of type Set. In the above samples, data, cars and brands are properties of type Set.

Some characters are illegal in a property key. Here’s a list of illegal characters:

  • _ is illegal as the first character, because it is a reserved prefix for System Properties.
  • . is illegal as any character, since it is the path separator.
  • [ and ] are also illegal as any character. These are used as array index indicators.

Here’s an example of some properties:

first-name = "Thomas"
cities = ["Oslo", "San Francisco"]
city.location = geoPoint('37.785146,-122.39758')
person.age = 39
person.birth-date = localDate("1975-17-10")