Resolving localeΒΆ

A locale is composed of language, country and variant. Language is required, country and variant are optional.

The string-representation of a locale is:



  • LA = two letter language-code
  • CO = two letter country-code
  • VA = two letter variant-code.

The variant argument is a vendor or browser-specific code. For example; WIN for Windows, MAC for Macintosh, and POSIX for POSIX. Where there are two variants, separate them with an underscore, and put the most important one first. For example, a Traditional Spanish collation might construct a locale with parameters for language, country and variant as: “es”, “ES”, “Traditional_WIN”.

When a localize function is called upon, a locale is resolved to decide which localization to use.

The following is considered, in this order:

  • Given as argument to function
  • Site-language